Water is a scarce resource and we should all do our best to save as much as possible. King Waterless wash and wax provides such an opportunity.

Where to use ?

  •  KING waterless wash and wax is ideal for vehicles, boats, caravans, trucks, bikes and aeroplanes.
  • It will clean and polish vehicle exteriors, mag wheels and windows. It will also remove bugs and road film.
king detergent

Washing your car can use upto 200 litres of water per wash. With KING waterless wash and wax, you only need +/- 500 ml of water to rinse our micro-fibre cloth.

How it works ?

  • Our waterless products and solutions emulsify with the dirt particles, safely lifting them away from the vehicles paint surfaces.
  • It contains special waxes which encapsulate dirt particles and prevent surfaces from being scratched.
  • We then use our special methods and microfiber cleaning cloths to remove these dirt particles.
  • We follow this up with a second cloth to buff and shine.
  • A color-coded cloth method will ensure that the different fabrics are not mixed up, thus protecting the car’s body from being damaged by dirt transferred from the cloth making contact with different places on the car.

Why choose King waterless wash?

  • Save 200L of water per vehicle, this is important for drought areas requiring water-restriction times.
  • Protect your health and the environment from toxic chemicals: Our products are eco-friendly using no ammonia or alcohol.
  • It is environment-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Preserve the value and beauty of your car, truck, taxi or bus.
  • Finish with no streaks or scratches.
  • Use a variety of microfiber towels for each segment of the auto-detailing process.

Our Service

  • Convenience is something that King Service works hard to provide to its customers.
  • Our entire business model is unique and when combined with technology, it brings the convenience of car washing to a whole new level.
  • We have a service called “Wash Where You Park,” where a customer leaves their vehicle anywhere within a certain area and a team member will take care of it on the spot.
  • We clean, polish and protect your car paint at a highly competitive price. 
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